About Us

Welcome to “My Natural Bliss”, created by me, Kelly – wife, mother, friend - on the way to finding my bliss.

My Natural Bliss, incorporating The Amber Room, combines our passion for all things natural and blissful – to play with, consume, wear and heal - with our love for spending quality time with our families and friends and taking every opportunity to ‘enjoy the little moments’ in life….

One Autumn day I was lying on the grass in our back yard with my two little kids looking up at the white clouds floating across the crisp blue sky. We were searching for clouds in the shapes of our favourite animals when Mr 4 said “Mummy, I love this…" and Miss 2 chimed in “Me too." In that moment, I realised that this was my bliss. I knew I wanted to make sure every day we focused on the little things, had uncomplicated fun and surrounded ourselves with nature. It's sometime hard to do that when the world around us was getting busier and busier.

So I decided to take my already successful business 'The Amber Room' to the next level and expand it to include the best of all things natural, fun and blissful.

In our family, we want to make the most out of every day – be bright, fun and funky - whilst keeping life simple and natural. We would love to help your family do the same.

We know you’re busy too, so we search the globe for the best and most blissful that nature has to offer for your entire family’s wellbeing and happiness.

We try and test all our products and we ask our friends to try them too before we include them in our range. We want to share with you how you can have natural, organic, quality and most importantly cost effective every day items in your life. …. And you will find them all here at “My Natural Bliss”.

We believe in quality and simplicity
We believe in colour
We believe in fun and funky
We believe in love and family
We believe in us
We believe in you
We love natural
We search for bliss

We would love for you to join our awesome community on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and also right here on our blog.
Thanks for stopping by, and next time you’re taking a moment to look at the clouds, look a little closer, linger a little longer... You will be amazed by what you will see.

Blissful Shopping ....

& the My Natural Bliss Team

Thanks to Heartbound for capturing amazing images of our family in our bliss!