What our customers say

Sam, Melbourne, Vic
Thank you for such beautiful necklaces - they are even nicer than I had imagined (the amber is lovely quality) and they look fabulous on!

Penny, Adelaide, SA
I have recently got an Amber necklace for myself and my son and I'M IN LOVE, within a day my son's cheeks lost their red swelling and he was in such a better mood and my headache and tooth ache went away in days :) VERY HAPPY

Charleen Perez, Brisbane, Qld 
OMG! I only received my Amber Necklaces today for my two children and I have noticed a difference already on my youngest child who is 7months and teething. He generally is a happy baby but I have noticed that he sleeps a lot longer when it comes to nap times during the day :) I don't know if its meant to help with sleeping but omg it has for my little man :) Thanks ladies, I will definitely be ordering more from you ladies. Awesome work! I am one happy customer

Peta, NSW 
I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the Amber Necklace I bought for my daughter Charlie, who is 1 week shy of 6 months old. Before I bought the necklace, she was showing the classic signs of teething; batting at the ears, dribbling, crying in pain, cranky and upset all the time and sleep disturbance. Since wearing the beads, she is a totally new baby! Seriously, she seems to be so settled, and doesn't seem to have any discomfort at all. I am recommending them to all the ladies in my mothers group :)

Joanne Ivory, Australia
I purchased from you recently and I just love the product range and gorgeous amber jewellery...xx

Nicole Morrow
Congratulations!! I shall be back to purchase something for my eldest daughter!! She is going through some terrible 2's & I'm desperate to try anything. Your Amber necklace seems to be helping my youngest with her teething and crankiness. LOL :D

Lizzie Frendo, Sunbury 
I received my sons amber bracelet this morning and I didn't wait a second putting it on him as he is cutting his top teeth. I am amazed at the change in him already. I have been having days of drama at lunchtime getting him to eat without pain and today not a single peep from him. all smiles the whole meal!!!!! from now on when my friends have babies I know exactly what I will be getting as a baby present!!!! Thanks soooo much!!!

Renee Cordner, Blackwall
I bought a kids amber necklace for my daughter when she was cutting a tooth. Before she started wearing the necklace nothing but an unsettled baby now she's wearing it OMG its fantastic a happy and contented baby still teething!!! Thank you - amazing xx

KJ Kirkpatrick, Southwest, WA 
Love, love, love your products!! We have received so many compliments on how pretty our amethyst and amber teething necklace is, and it has most definitely lessened the dribble factor caused by nasty teething! Also loving the teething bling vanilla pendant I purchased from you, L loves to chew on it's squishy feeling surface and I wear it everyday - very useful and it's so funky. Thanks for the great products and service, keep up the hard work!! :)

Kellie, Morphett Vale, SA
I got a teething necklace on recommendation from a fellow playgroup mum for my 8 month old. You can definitely tell when she isn't wearing it how cranky she gets. The service and delivery of the Amber Room was outstanding too. Only wish I had known about the necklace with my first child!

Luisa Partridge, Adelaide SA
Coming from a non-believer........I got a Baltic Amber teething bracelet for my 10mth old.......who i think has not Slept a whole night 'yet' ...... we have had it for about 3weeks.....and i love it....AND It looks great........!! After having 3 babies.... I wish i had known about these a long time ago.!! :) Great Job......!! ♥

Melissa Gordon-Knight
Thank you so, so much for my sons necklace it looks gorgeous and think it will do him the world of good!! Such super quick delivery too as I only paid yesterday morning and received it today! :)

I purchased one of you amber necklaces for my daughter as I had hear so many good things about them... I put it on her and wow it makes a difference she actually cut her first molars without me even knowing....

Kathy, Happy Valley SA
I got an amber teething necklace for my nearly 2 yr old 6months ago and i love it!! You can really tell the difference when she's teething and hasn't had it on (lil miss cranky). I have shared the love with all my friends with little ones and even strangers on the street who comment on her pretty necklace - thank you amber room!!

Melissa Price, Ridgehaven SA 
I ordered a kids necklace & a bracelet for myself late Sunday night. It arrived yesterday (Tuesday), what prompt service! I put mine on straight away & had to pick up my 11yr old son for a dentist appointment. He was very nervous about having to have a filling so I gave him the bracelet to wear & said it would help him keep calm. He lay there for an hour & did not complain or stress at all, I'm not sure if it was the bracelet that helped or just him believing in it but it certainly helped & I will be ordering again soon for everyone in the house!