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Little Scents blissful range of aromatherapy sprays are specially formulated for pregnancy, babies & early childhood. The combination of pure, safe, 100% natural essential oils are designed to help ease common childhood anxieties and uplift moods.

All products are designed by a qualified aromatherapist and made in Australia, using unique recipes to maintain and enhance the ingredients’ delicate qualities and ensure pure, natural fun.

You and your family can enjoy the benefits from the wondrous effects of aromatherapy and the Little Scents ready to spray products to make every day blissful!

  • Created by a qualified aromatherapist
  • Safe & appealing
  • Certified organic 100% essential oils
  • All natural ingredients
  • Recyclable PET packaging to preserve oils
  • Perfect size for at home or out and about
Create your own natural bliss by using Little Scents as a room mist, spraying it directly on to clothing or bed or cot linen or on to clothing or pyjamas. You can even spray it on to change mats, toys or other odour hiding places.

Whilst we LOVE natural remedies, we can't guarantee the effectiveness of Little Scents in the treatment of any specific conditions and we always recommend that you seek medical advice and treatment as required.