Skin Care and Nutrition » Green Tea Hawaii

Green Tea Hawaii is summer in a sachet!

This concentrated green tea powder is a super-charge of antioxidants with just 1 gram of sugar and only 10 calories per serve. It is low in caffeine (half the caffeine of a Diet Coke and less than in a cup of regular green tea) and contains 4000 years of proven health benefits in a handy ready-to-go sachet - just mix with water!

Research has shown that drinking Green Tea in large quantities may:
  • Aid weight loss - Increase metabolism and promote healthy energy, reduce body fat, reduce appetite by 15-20%
  • Improve immune system - 450mg of antioxidants (EGCG, polyphenols, flavonoids), prevent disease, promote healthy skin, fight tooth decay & whiten teeth
  • Promote general health benefits - Fight high blood pressure & cardiovascular disease, lower Cholesterol, improve Joint Pain, Aid arthritis
  • Increase Natural Energy - sustain mental alertness,

Green Tea Hawaii contains over 450mg of antioxidants and polyphenols per serving.

Green Tea Hawaii is available in 3 amazing flavours Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Pineapple and Original. It is Bliss in a Bottle!