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One of the most inspirational people I know (and I use that term loosely. I don’t actually ‘know’ her – I wish I did - I stalk her blog in cyberspace) is Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo fame.

“Choose Joy” first become Ashley’s daily mantra after the unexpected passing of her father. Since then she’s had a miscarriage, a traumatic emergency hysterectomy, cancerous cells invade her body, and she’s now undergoing chemotherapy with no definitive end.

Despite all of this, Ashley decides to Choose Joy everyday. She believes that no matter what the outcome: everything is going to be okay.

Ashley’s story and, more simply, her mantra is the PERFECT reminder

Life can be hard….there’s financial trouble, difficult relationships, health problems, death etc…..but everyday I have a choice: I can let these things bring me down……or I can Choose Joy and just be thankful that I’m here.

So get yourself a Purple Choose Joy bracelet and remind yourself EVERYDAY that life can be blissful and you tell yourself “I CAN CHOOSE JOY”.

Like Ashley, I don’t know how many people’s lives the bracelets will change but I know that Ashley’s simple message and story has changed mine.

The bracelets are not sold for profit – by Ashley or by us – we just cover the cost of the bracelets and the postage.

Buy yourself one today and whilst you’re at it, why not get one for a total stranger – you never know when they might need it!
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