Get your genuine Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, Australia, from My Natural Bliss

Whether you’re looking for a Baltic amber teething necklace, Australia, or organic kids clothing, My Natural Bliss is all about finding YOUR natural bliss with a range of natural and organic products for the whole family.

For healing, playing, well-being and wearing, My Natural Bliss can help you with:
• Affordable, genuine Baltic amber teething necklaces, Australia-wide;
• Affordable, genuine Baltic amber bracelets and jewellery;
• Hazelwood jewellery and a range of specially selected gemstones;
• 100% organic kids clothing and accessories by Canboli;
• Silicone teething jewellery by Smart Mum and MummaBubba;
• Quality organic Swiss skincare, cosmetics and nutritional products for the whole family from Arbonne;
• Aromatherapy products by Little Scents; and
• Quality, organic and wooden toys.

Need a little bliss? Get a whole lot from our range, our site and our service!

At My Natural Bliss, we understand what’s important to you. From a crying and restless baby who needs soothing, to little people who need gentle organic kids clothing, you’ve found yourself an online retailer (and wholesaler) of a fantastic range of natural, organic, bright and funky finds for the whole family which includes service with a (virtual) smile!

Eco clothes, ethically sourced

We find our natural bliss from sourcing unique and credible products, including eco clothes and organic kids clothing, so that you can be confident EVERYTHING here is natural, organic and ethically produced.
We are very proud to be the exclusive stockists of My Natural Bliss Organic Kids Clothes and we know you’ll love the bright, fun and funky range, not available anywhere else.

Please get in touch today! We post every day, usually within 24 hours of the placement of your order. 

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